Annex 80 News

Fourth Annex 80 Expert Meeting

June. 2021

The EBC Annex 80 held its fourth Expert Meeting on April 15th and 16th. Over 50 participants from 15 countries took part in three online sessions scheduled to take on the large time lag between the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Since last Expert Meeting in November substantial progress in the annex work programme has been made. Several working groups continued and finished their tasks. The weather data task group has created Typical Meteorological Years (TMY) as well as representations of heat wave events for future time periods (2020ies, 2050ies, 2090ies) which will be published shortly. Data will be available for cities covering most climate zones from the ASHRAE classification (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 169). The definition of a framework for the evaluation of cooling technologies has been completed by a second task group. The framework has been published in an open access report (Link: Key performance indicators (KPI) and criteria for the resilience assessment of cooling technologies have been intensively discussed within the group of annex experts and a selection of fundamental KPIs made. The results from these task groups form the basis for the worldwide assessment of cooling technologies as regards resilience.

For this task, a group of building simulation experts has gathered to carry out dynamic simulations using the weather data, framework and KPIs developed during the course of Annex 80. First results have been published:


Advisory Board of PrACTITIONERS

Since March Annex 80 scientists, practitioners, and planners as well as representatives from building cooling associated industry gathered for two meetings of the Advisory Board of Practitioners. This board was founded to put results of scientific research into action by establishing strong ties to practitioners and to include their practical experience in future research projects. Following the first meeting which more than 40 participants attended the second meeting dealt with the topic of “resilience as regards cooling”. After three short presentations from annex experts, Chen Zhang, Shady Attia, and Joost Declerq, member of the advisory board, the group discussed topical questions in a break-out session before returning to the plenary sharing their outcomes. The presentations followed by discussions proofed very valuable and will be extended in the upcoming meetings. The next web meetings will be on the following topics:

Meeting 03: October 27th, 2021
“KPI and metrics of (resilient) cooling”

- Collection and selection of performance indicators
- Indicators of resilience
- Application of KPIs

Meeting 04: December 15th, 2021
“Future weather data for building simulation”

- Generation of future weather data
- Evaluation of extreme heat events
- Application in building simulations


For further details and registration please refer to Philipp Stern at



Third Annex 80 Expert Meeting

Nov. 2020

The EBC Annex 80 held its third Expert Meeting on November 5th and 6th which also indicates half-time. Over 50 participants from 15 countries took part in three online sessions scheduled to take on the large time lag between the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Several task groups have pushed the Annex 80 agenda since the last Expert Meeting in April. The weather data task group has recently held workshops to generate Typical Meteorological Years (TMY) as well as representations of heat wave events for future time periods (2050s, 2090s). Twenty five cities have been selected to cover each climate zone from the ASHRAE classification (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 169). The generation of weather data sets is still in progress and will be finished by the end of the year. Together with the definition of thermal boundaries conditions, which is being carried out by another task group, led by Shady Attia and Mohamed Hamdy, the generated weather files form the basis for numerical technology assessments which will be carried out by the group of scientists in the second half of the annex’s working phase.

Furthermore the first official Annex 80 deliverable, the State-of-the-Art Review (SOTAR) has been submitted for review to the EBC Executive Committee. It consists of an extensive review of the quality of resilience in cooling, a wide range of existing cooling technologies and the identification of future research and developing needs. It will be published in early 2021.

Board of Professionals

To put results of scientific research into action by establishing strong ties to practitioners is a declared goal of Annex 80. Therefore the Operating Agent in cooperation with AIVC and venticool created a format for regular exchange between Annex 80 scientists, practitioners and planners as well as representatives from building cooling associated industry. Quarterly web meetings will be held to pool competences to advance low energy and low carbon cooling systems and to make them the mainstream and preferred solutions for cooling and overheating issues in buildings.

The first web meeting will be held on March 24th at 15:30 (GMT) 2021. For further details and registration please refer to Philipp Stern at

Lecture Series

During the course of Annex 80 a huge amount of knowledge is generated by its members through international collaboration and national research. Due to the current situation with solely remote Expert Meetings exchange and transfer of knowledge is limited. Therefore the Annex 80 Lecture Series has been established to provide a platform for making this knowledge visible and easily accessible. The first lectures have already been held and proofed to be beneficial for all participants. It is planned to make this lectures on resilient cooling publicly available in the upcoming second semester.

On April 15th and 16th all Annex 80 members will meet again for their 4th Expert Meeting. As from present-day perspective it will again be held as remote meeting.


Second Annex 80 Expert Meeting

ApR. 2020

London - Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis the second Annex 80 Expert Meeting will not take place at Brunel University as originally intended. The entire meeting will be held solely online as a remote meeting. Registrations of 30 researchers from 15 different countries have been received and are expected to join the meeting. In three sessions with the first starting on Monday April 20th, all participants will discuss ongoing and future work. The Weather Data Task Force formed at last Expert's Meeting will present preliminary findings which shall be discussed in the big group before submitting the concluding report.

The Expert Meeting will end Tuesday 5 pm BST (GMT+1).


First Annex 80 Expert Meeting

OcT. 2019

Vienna - Annex 80 participants gathered for the first time to hold Expert Meeting in Vienna. During two days 32 participants from 13 countries contributed their knowledge and expertise. Together the composition of three review papers have been decided upon. Subtask A focuses on resilience and its definition in various disciplines as well as the building itself in connection to resilient cooling. Subtask B reviews existing cooling technologies and assesses their potential of resilience. Both subtask will inform each others investigation. Subtask C will contribute by analysing planned case studies and by deriving possible key performance indicators. Results will feed into the State-of-the-Art-Review which will be published after the first year of the Annex 80 working phase.

The next Expert Meeting will take place at Brunel University London in April 2020.



EBC Executive confirms Launch of Annex 80 Working Phase

June 2019

Ghent - After the official approvement of the preparation phase by the EBC Executive Committee, the three-year working phase has officially been launched. Until the first Expert Meeting in October several web meetings will be held amongst subtask leaders to bring their activites on the way. Subtask A will be first to define its multi-criteria assessment matrix which will also inform the other subtasks.

The Annex 80 will be kept open for participants still waiting for confirmation of their funding. In the meantime the participation of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) for the first year of the working phase has been confirmed.



Second Preparation Meeting held at Heriot-Watt University

APR. 2019

Dubai - Earlier this month the second and final Annex 80 preparation meeting took place at Heriot-Watt University in Dubai. The annex core group came together to work on the final work programme for the upcoming three-year working phase. Each subtask leader briefly presented their suggestions and developments. Especially for the projected collaborative tasks this proofed fruitfull. Wendy Miller (Queensland University of Technology) put forward a new version of the assessment matrix for resilient cooling technologies, which has been discussed in depth by the group. The conducted feedback will inform the final version for the impact assessment which will be carried out during the early working phase of the annex.

This matrix is one of numerous components which form the Annex 80 work programme. The final version will be delivered to the EBC Executive Committee before their next meeting in June, where it will decide upon the initiation of the working phase.



Subtask Leaders Meet To Discuss Annex 80 Work Programme

FEB. 2019

Montreal/London/Liège/Aalborg/Copenhagen/Vienna - At the beginning of the month subtask leaders joined a web meeting to discuss the work programme of Annex 80. Subtask A will be lead by Wendy Miller (Queensland University of Technology) and Shady Attia (Université de Liège). This subtask will assess state-of-the-art cooling technologies in terms of their capability to safeguard lifeable indoor environments. A frame work of key performance indicators, like resilience against disturbances (black outs or heat waves etc.) will be produced for the international evaluation. Based on these outcomes subtask B will focus on further developing resilient cooling solutions. This subtask will be led by Chen Zhang (Aalborg University) and Ongun Berk Kazanci (Technical University of Denmark). Subtask C will produce field studies and will assess real performance of implementations of resilient cooling technologies. It will be led by Dahai Qi from Université de Sherbrooke. The programme of Subtask D is currently developed by the Operating Agent. The position of subtask leader is still vacant.

Subtask leaders will meet again to discuss the final developments of the work programme in April (12-13) at the last meeting of the annex preparation phase at the Heriot Watt University in Dubai.



Operating Agent Reports on Annex 80 Preparation at ExCo Meeting

Dec. 2018

Wellington - At the last EBC Executive Commitee Meeting of 2018 Peter Holzer's report on the ongoing preparation of the Annex 80 has been well received. The encouraging feedback from Michele Zinzi and other members of the commitee shows that the annex is well on the way. The following months now will be dedicated to jointly develop the work programm, further develop the subtasks and to put the finishing touches on the annex text. The last preparation meeting in Dubai in April 2019 will then provide the possibility to decide upon on the elaborated work programm which will be presented at the next ExCo meeting in June. We expect the approval to start the annex work phase as planned in July 2019.

Furthermore, there have been active contributions to Subtasks A (Impact Assessment), B (Solutions) and C (Field Studies), whereas we are still looking for experts to join Subtask D (Policy Actions). There is still the possibility to contribute to Annex 80 Resilient Cooling for Residential and Small Non-Residential Buildings so please contact us for further information.



First Annex 80 Preparation Meeting held in France

Oct. 2018

Juan-les-Pins - On 20th September the first Annex 80 Preparation Meeting took place at the Palais des Congrès. Fifteen researchers from eight countries joined the open discussion on objectives and goals of the annex under preparation. Major outcomes included a collection of national research interests revealing possibilities for international collaborations as well as the designation of subtask leaders and co-leaders.

The lead for subtask A (Impact Assessement) will be taken on by Wendy Miller from Queenslands University of Technology, Australia with support from Belgium by Shady Attia, University of Liège as co-leader. Subtask B (Solutions) will be led and co-led by a consortium from Denmark, Chen Zhang from Aalborg University and Ongun Berk Kazanci from Denmark Technical University. The leads for subtask C and D still have to be decided.

The group of participating researchers is ever growing, but there is still the possibility to contribute to Annex 80 Resilient Cooling for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings. Please contact us for further information.



Operating Agent announces dates for first preparation meetings in September 2018

Aug. 2018

Stockholm - After the approval of the Annex Concept Proposal at the Executive Commitee meeting in June 2018, the designated Operating Agent Peter Holzer announces the dates for the first preparation meetings. These meetings will be carried out during the one-year preparation phase of Annex 80 and will help to gather scientific and industrial researchers as well as governmental stake holders interested in the new Annex. They will allow for coordinating joint efforts towards the planned State-of-the-Art-Review and will also provide a facility to discuss the structure of the impact assessment of existing cooling technologies which will be part of the early working phase in 2019.

Ahead of the first preparation meeting on Thursday 20th September 2018 in Juan-les-Pins, France there will be held a preparative web meeting to gather all interested parties who are not able to participate in France in person.

This web meeting will take place on 13th September 2018 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (MET).

Participation is free of cost and all interested parties are invited to join. Please refer to Philipp Stern for further information.